Use our Polishing Spheres for your brass shells and casings
Use our Polishing Spheres for Your Brass Shells!

These ceramic media spheres work excellent when used properly for polishing spent brass ammunition casings. They provide a tremendous advantage over other media like walnut or corn cob in that they simply don’t break down… The longevity of the spheres is essentially permanent. Used in tumblers and vibratory polishers in a variety applications for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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These spheres produce excellent results – best when used with liquid dish-washing detergent, combined in proportion with liquid laundry detergent.  This combination in a ratio of 1:10, with a 50% volume of water in your polisher will substantially improve the results. Adding a liquid or powder burnishing compound further improve the results.  Additional hand polishing is not required when using these spheres, unless desired.  Air drying, or using compressed air to dry your brass is a convenient option.

Due to the variety of tumblers and polishers on the market, we recommend using our aforementioned guidelines included with every shipment.
We are available to answer your questions and concerns as it relates to your polishing requirements.  Please keep in mind that your tumbler or polisher is likely unique, with its current settings and properties.  This means you should expect to be patient while you work towards achieving the desired effect.  It won’t take long, but we advise you to allow for a small learning curve.  Given the value these beads offer, it is well worth the price!

Be sure to review our 10 Step Instruction Manual below!

Instructions – Brass Bright Ceramic Polishing Spheres V.1.3

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