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The Very Best Method for

Polishing Brass Shells or Casings!

Brass Bright Beads Instruction Manual V.1.4

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Use our Polishing Spheres for Your Brass Shells and Casings
Easy to Use! Shiny and Clean!

Due to the variety of tumblers and polishers on the market, we recommend using our aforementioned guidelines included with every shipment.

We are available to answer your questions and concerns as it relates to your polishing requirements.  Please keep in mind that your tumbler or polisher is likely unique, with its current settings and properties.  This means you should expect to be patient while you work towards achieving the desired effect.  It won’t take long, but we advise you to allow for a small learning curve.  Given the value these beads offer, it is well worth the price!

Proprietary Method Produced with Hard Work, Experimentation, Determination, and Discovery in Kalamazoo, Michigan U.S.A.