Improvemnts that Eliminates Concern for You, Our Customers, & Our Skeptics


As we work to continually improve our product line and our polishing process, we find it very helpful to stay in touch with the concerns of our current customers, prospects, and skeptics alike.  By listening to their concerns in the marketplace and addressing them quickly, we strive and continue to deliver a better product and process through learned improvements.

This blog update addresses a concern that was brought to our attention by scouring the online forums and websites where members share their knowledge and know-how, and a lot of different opinions.  

Specifically, this update addresses concerns from a previous blog post  (April 20th 2015) related to Step # 10 of our Brass Bright Polishing Process as defined in Brass Bright Instruction Manual Version 1.3

The blog post states that:

“We’ve found that on occasion the ceramic beads will get themselves stuck into a shell casing during the polishing and tumbling process….  To remedy the issue, we suggest a small probe or other pointed tool to easily pick out the beads with just a little pressure.  Always inspect the casing to make certain it is clean. “


It has been brought to our attention that this issue, although uncommon, is a realistic concern that has definite value to our customers, and is further unacceptable to some potential customers, as threaded recently in an online forum. We taken the following action:

  • Recognizing their concern as valid, and in order to continually improve our product blends and procedures, we are in the process of removing from our current blends the specific bead sizes associated with this issue.
  • Initial test runs show that this change in our blends has further reduced the already uncommon number of instances where a bead has lodged itself in a casing. In other runs using a finer blend, we believe the issue has essentially been eliminated. We will continue to run tests geared to product and process improvement. Regardless, we still advise users to always inspect the casing to make certain it is clean and that no bead remain in the casing.
  • It is our understanding that stainless steel pin suppliers were required to make similar adjustments when steel pins proved themselves to become occasionally lodged in a casing.
  • Given the weight difference of Brass Bright Beads versus the stainless steel pins, more beads can be used by volume without wearing down the polisher or tumbler motor.

Behavior is the cornerstone of our difference as an organization. 

  • We will continue to digest feedback from customers, prospects, and our skeptics by periodically reviewing forums and doing our best to respond to the concern or processing challenges presented.   
  • As always, we very much appreciate input and feedback from forum users by contacting our office directly with concerns regarding our blends. Such contact helps eliminate misguided information that can easily be taken out of context and harm a reputable product.
  • The terms and conditions for participation on most forums do not allow business entities to directly engage forum members to discuss products.  This is a generally accepted practice with online forums and it is one we fully respect and strictly adhere to.  Unfortunately, this discipline prevents us from addressing forum members directly to assist in technical concerns.
  • We hope that you might pass this updated information via hyperlink to all concerned forum members. We believe some have misinterpreted the cost versus benefit of our processing blends due to a “good faith disclosure” on our part of potential instances you might encounter when using our product.  Simply put, we believe we’ve done our customers a complete service in sharing with them all that we can and all that we know.

Congruent with the upcoming update we will revise and release Instructions – Brass Bright Polishing Spheres Version 1.4   Step # 10 will be revised to account for the concern and the aforementioned blog post will be updated to reflect the improvement along with other benefits we are ready to demonstrate.

We hope you find that this response is proactive and has been handled in a timely manner, as part of our commitment to excellence when responding to the marketplace concerns of our product blends.

Thank you for visiting our site and taking an interest. Please share this update through your preferred social media.

A perfect sunny day for letting Mother Nature dry cleaned brass…

Some days it’s so nice you can just air dry your cleaned brass during the Completion Step (#10)!  Sitting in a lawn chair enjoying the spring sun, watching your children ride bikes, and accomplishing a necessary task for reloaders all at the same time.  Enjoyable!!

Use a probe to remove a rare stubborn bead…

We’ve found that on occasion the ceramic beads will get themselves stuck into a shell casing during the polishing and tumbling process.  You’ll notice this during the Completion Step (#10).

In an effort to eliminate this as a concern we have removed particular bead sizes from our blends to eliminate this issue from occurring.  The travel smoothly through the casing and polish inside and outside the casing.  Please see the statement in our blog update regarding this concern, congruent with the upcoming release of:  

Instructions – Brass Bright Polishing Spheres Version 1.4

Still, on the rare occasion that it does occur, we recommend the following:

To remedy the issue, we suggest a small probe or other pointed tool (screwdriver) to easily pick out the beads with just a little pressure.

Always inspect the casing to make certain it is clean.

One minute video shows our ceramic beads polishing ammunition casings

Use a simple solution in 10 easy steps!
Use a simple solution in 10 easy steps!

Here is a brief 1 minute video that shows what our Brass Bright Polishing Spheres were able to do with spent 40 caliber shell casings in approximately 10 minutes in the polisher.

The old process of using dusty organic media and expensive stainless steel have been outwitted.  Our media works with both polishers and tumblers!

Turn a dirty 4 hour project of cleaning your brass on Saturday into a 1 hour project so you can get on with your life and get back to the range.

Featured post

Instruction Manual – Brass Bright Ceramic Polishing Spheres V.1.4 (Update Coming Soon!)

Use a simple solution in 10 easy steps!

Use a simple solution in 10 easy steps!

We have a 10 step procedure for using your ceramic polishing spheres for brass ammunition shells and casings in conjunction with your vibratory polisher or tumbler.

Click the link for our Instruction Manual in PDF format.

Instructions – Brass Bright Polishing Spheres V.1.4 (2)

The Instruction Manual is simple, yet thorough.  It has enough information for you to get started using the ceramic spheres easily, and allows you to make adjustments where necessary as it relates to your specific needs.

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